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Play head to head against other chess players with the Chessmaster network. Test your playing skills, opening variations, game techniques and offensive strategies against other competitive, experienced, skilled players from all over the world. Try our Grandmaster and 3D editions for free.

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Chessmaster is the most powerful chess engine available. Learn many end game strategies from tournament experts. No matter what your level of play is, you can find someone who will challenge your chess playing skills. New Natural Language advice specially which is great for novices and kids with great tips which are helpful even for expert players. Chessmaster 8000 has hundreds of games expertly analyzed in detail by leading Grandmasters and more than 100 new games annotated this year. There are over half a million chess games, and you can search by players (with either the white or black pieces), opening, position, and event. So, if you want to know how Lasker, in his last major tournament, managed to beat opponents half his age, you can play through the games, move by move-and even add your own commentary.

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