Best Chess Set Brands

Chess is a very popular and prevalent indoor game that has been played in almost all cultures for many years now. It is played and enjoyed by many people all around the world. The increasing popularity and high demand of chess boards has given space to several brands to manufacture and release chess sets into the markets.

The popularity of chess has led to many brands come around and offer chess boards of highest quality and finesse. However, amongst the many brands there are definitely a few top best ones that are always worthy to buy chess sets from! Here we look at the top best chess set brands you can buy from in 2018.

  1. Golden Collector Luxury Series by House of Staunton

Every piece on this chess set has been crafted with great finesses and detailing. The chess board is beautiful chest-nut brown and beige; ever so shiny and glossy. If appearance and visual appeal was the only thing that mattered in chess set – this chess board set would be a clear winner. It is the highest quality chess board of the Golden Collector Luxury Series by the House of Staunton; which is already a very popular and reputed game board manufacturing brand. It is definitely a unique set to get your hands on and you can also buy it online on a competitive price.

  • May Ran Chess Set

May Ran is a big and renowned name because it has come up with some amazing chess sets in the past. Staying true to its reputation, the May Ran chess set is a modern dream. The chess set has been made with great simplicity. Every piece is unique and minimalist. The one thing that gives this set the credit to be different in its own accord is its simplicity.

  • Metal Chess Set by Italfama, Italy

Italfama is another leading brand that has come up with this very attractive and expensive looking chess set made out of metal. The high quality metal built of this chess set definitely makes it a very sturdy, reliable and steadfast chess set for long term use. So if you are looking for a chess set that will work well enough in the long run for you – this chess is surely a worthy option. Also this chess set looks very pricey but it is actually affordable.

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